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Patch and Friends

Story time is a precious family moment, even more so when a child is seriously ill in hospital. Follow Patch in our 11 free books below and please give what you can, so all little ones experience the comfort of a bedtime story.

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Patch and Friends

Patch and the talent show

Featuring special guests

Patch and friends have a new adventure with some of our favourite characters from the 1980s. View our free interactive book and take your kids down memory lane!

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Ronald McDonald House Charities provides free ‘home away from home’ accommodation and support for families with children in hospital. We’re committed to helping families stay together when a sick child needs to heal and cope with their illness. Because being together during a time of crisis is not just a physical matter; it’s an emotional one too. If you enjoy the books, please give what you can and help us keep families together, close to their sick children, so all little ones experience the comfort of a bedtime story.

Patch and the Climbing Frame Book cover

Patch and the Climbing Frame - Camberwell

Released on 1 October

Patch, the child’s night light, goes to Camberwell in south London where he comes face-to-face with his biggest fear, the climbing frame. Will the support of his friend Isabelle help Patch take on the challenge of conquering his fear?

Book cover

Patch and Disco Save the Day - Birmingham

Released on 5 October

Patch takes a visit to Birmingham to meet up with his friends Orson and Disco. But Patch comes across some ducks who are stuck behind a fallen branch. What will he do to help them?

“The Ronald McDonald House became our second home, but it will always be our daughter Amana’s first home. We could not have coped without the Charity and we can’t thank them enough.”

Due to an exomphaleus and Beckwith Weidman’s Syndrome, Desire and Shella’s daughter Amana arrived 10 weeks premature.

Book cover

Patch and the Lost Balloon - Tooting

Released on 8 October

Patch and Orson take a trip to iconic Tooting Bec Lido with its colourfully striped changing huts and large outdoor pool. Teddy is very happy there with his lovely red balloon, but something happens that turns his smile upside down.

“It’s hard to put into words what you feel when you are shown round the Ronald McDonald House. The warmth and kindness that greets you from all the staff is a great source of comfort.”

Angela and Ian stayed in a Ronald McDonald House for 98 nights after their babies were born prematurely with Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome.

Book cover

Patch and the Disco Show - Brighton

Released on 12 October

Patch’s friend Disco doesn’t have much self-confidence. He thinks he is big and clumsy and it really gets him down. But Patch and their other friends don’t see Disco that way; they think he’s a rock star! Together, they will give Disco his confidence back.

Book cover

Patch Makes a New Friend - Manchester

Released on 14 October

Patch and Wave love getting together for a good natter. But on their latest outing they come across James who is in need of some help, so Wave comes to the rescue!

Book cover

Patch Helps a Friend in Need - Wirral

Released on 16 October

Patch’s friend Isabelle has hurt her foot and can’t get to the shops to stock up on the carrots she needs to eat. Patch goes on a long journey through the Wirral to help his friend Isabelle.

Book cover

Patch & The Broken Skateboard - East London

Released on 19 October

Patch lends Orson his favourite skateboard that he loves whizzing around on all day. But will it be returned in the same condition it was given after Orson takes it to Brick Lane?

Book cover

Patch & Pals have a picnic at Blenheim Palace - Oxford

Released on 22 October

Patch has dreamt of going to the beautiful Blenheim Palace for a while, and now the time has come for a picnic in the Palace’s gardens with all his friends… but they meet someone new along the way.

Book cover

Patch and Friends Go Swimming - Southampton

Released on 26 October

Patch, Cahir, Quacks and Wave go swimming at Southampton Port, but the friends must rally round as Wave has forgotten how to swim! Will the friends get Wave back in the water?

Book cover

Patch and the Lost Ducklings - City of London

Released on 29 October

Patch and James decide to look around central London, but they bump into their friend Quacks who has lost her ducklings! So they search high and low to reunite the family.

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