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Christmas is about traditions – from laying stockings by the chimney, to putting cookies out for Santa. But when your child’s in hospital far from home, the season can feel a lot less festive. This December, hundreds of families need somewhere to stay close to their sick child, every night. And families being together at Christmas is the most important tradition of all. Please donate today.

Over 800 families need your help

When your child’s in hospital, thinking about Christmas can be the last thing on your mind. In our Christmas video, we met four families who spent Christmas at a Ronald McDonald House while their child was in hospital. They revealed how the House helped them make Christmas special for their sick child and their siblings.

Christmas traditions can feel a lot less important when you have a child in hospital. But being close to your family is the only tradition that matters. This December, we’ll offer a free place to stay for over 800 families* facing a tough Christmas. Your donation could help.


Natalie and Izzy

Meet the lovely Izzy and her family, who are familiar faces at our Brighton House. As a baby, Izzy suffered brain damage due to a rare metabolic condition, and she can be in hospital for months at a time. Last year, even though Izzy was in hospital over Christmas, mum Natalie, sister Demi and big brother Bobby got to spend the day with her at our Brighton House.

The Springer Family

Jamila, Shaun and Zaydan

Zaydan’s family was still dealing with their five year old son being diagnosed with cancer, when he had a bad reaction to his chemotherapy. It caused a brain fluid infection and meant a long journey of recovery for Zaydan, even learning to walk and talk again. The family stayed with us for 244 days, and spent a special Christmas together at the Tooting House together during this time.

The Patel Family

Ria, Ryan and Kian

The Patel family’s world was rocked when their three children were injured in a serious road traffic accident. By Christmas, eight-year-old twin boys Ryan and Kian had been discharged but with 13-year-old daughter Ria still in hospital, the family were still able to make Christmas special thanks to Ronald McDonald House Birmingham.

*This figure is based on the number of families who stayed at Ronald McDonald Houses in December 2017.