Follow these Five Fantastic Fathers!

Follow these Five Fantastic Fathers!

Dads, we want to say thank you for being there every step of the way. 

That's why we want to share with you five fantastic stories about dads in our Houses across the UK.



Hope's dad Mark - Camberwell House

Hope was born at just 24 weeks and was the size of her dad's palm. For the first three weeks of his daughter's life, Mark slept in a chair in the hospital because he knew he couldn't leave her side. But luckily, the family were offered a room at the Ronald McDonald House Camberwell when it became available, and for the next six months, it became Mark's 'home away from home' with his eldest daughter Faith.

Four years later, and Hope is doing really well! She's just started school and even though she's still quite small - she makes her opinions known!

Full story here.



Sussie's dad Lee - Arrowe Park House

Lee and his wife Jodie were thrilled when they found out they were expecting a child and everything was going smoothly until Jodie started to get unwell. Later that night, Lee made the decision to take her to the hospital. The couple were shocked when 15 minutes into the journey, Jodie started to give birth in the back of the taxi at just 22 weeks pregnant. They reached the Wirral University Teaching Hospital just in the nick of time, and their daughter Sussie was born 10 minutes later weighing a tiny 1lb 1oz.

The couple realised that she was fighting for her life and just as they had welcomed their little girl into the world, they thought they needed to prepare to say goodbye… But when she whimpered, dad Lee knew she was fighting and that they had to fight with her.

Five months later, Sussie was discharged just in time for her first Christmas at home. She’s still on oxygen, but other than that – she’s perfect!

Full story here.



Rory's dad Christian - Oxford House

Dad Christian was in shock when he found out that their 13-month-old son Rory had metopic craniosynostosis. He Googled the condition, and 20 seconds into a video of the surgery his son would need to have - he couldn't watch anymore. The thought of it happening to his son was too horrendous to think about.

He sought the advice of other families online who had gone through it, and was recommended to have surgery at the John Radcliffe Hospital as you could be referred for a room at the Ronald McDonald House on the top floor.

Christian knew he needed to stay close to Rory during his recovery, so the family made the four-hour drive to Oxford so they had a better chance of staying together. Luckily, they were offered a room at the House, and for 11 nights it became their 'home away from home'.

Rory is now two years old and loves running around and jumping off things - despite this major surgery, Rory is getting on with being a toddler with no idea what happened!

Full story here.



Leon's dad Ben - Evelina London House

Dad Ben realised there was something wrong with his son just a week after he was born. His breathing had become laboured, so Ben and his wife Miriam immediately took him to their local A&E. After a short course of antibiotics, he was still unwell and a scan of his heart revealed he was suffering from a serious heart condition.

He needed urgent specialist heart surgery, so the family were rushed off to Evelina London Children’s Hospital and little Leon was admitted into intensive care.

Thankfully, Ronald McDonald House Charities UK was able to offer the parents a room where they could bring their two other children with them. They could finally be a family again, just moments away from Leon.

Leon’s surgery was successful, and he was discharged just in time for Christmas.

Six months later, Leon is a happy bundle of fun and dad Ben has designed a gorgeous baby vest with all profits being donated to our Charity.

Full story here.



Oscar's dad Matt - Camberwell House

Even though dad-to-be Matt knew his first son would be born with a rare congenital condition, it didn’t prepare him for the long hospital stay.

When Oscar was born with oesophageal atresia, Matt spent the first week sleeping on hospital floors and chairs, so when he was offered a room at the Ronald McDonald House Camberwell – he broke down in tears. The family were so thankful for somewhere that they could stay close to their newborn son, especially being first-time parents!

For 117 nights, the Camberwell House became their ‘home away from home’.

Over a year later, Matt and Oscar are doing well and actively fundraise for the Charity, as well as Matt being on the Board of Governors as a parent representative for Camberwell House!

Full story here.



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