3M Wolf Runners

3M Wolf Runners

Guest blogger: Bethan Smith - 3M

Having been introduced to Ronald McDonald House Charities at a supplier conference last year, we thought of ways in which we could support this great cause further.

We decided to run our own event and make it fitness-related, as a few of us had taken part in running the London Marathon in 2015, triathlons and mud runs. Nick’s favourite event had been the Wolf Run, and he therefore suggested we enter this. The Wolf Run events are held quarterly and feature a series of obstacles to overcome around an off-road course including high walls, deep ditches and dense foliage. The winter one is renowned as being the toughest of them all.

Our team was ready, made up of relatives, friends and business partners. Next the training began! The team trained in different ways; George, Charlie, Leigh and I did weights and running in the gym, Louise and Simon trained together in their gym (Louise and I run outdoors once a week also), Ben went running around Donington Race Course on Sundays along with some gym activities in the week. Unfortunately one member of our team, Aurius, was hospitalised during the last week with a nasty leg injury so he could no longer compete, however he was there to support us!

The day finally came, and after waiting around for two hours on a bitterly cold November day, we set off and within two minutes found ourselves having to wade neck-high through a muddy lake. The cold was the worst part of all. Getting across the lake wouldn’t have been so bad if we could have swum it, but the mud was so thick we had to wade very carefully so we didn’t lose our shoes.

After that, it was a case of taking one obstacle at a time and saying to ourselves “we can do this!” – and we did. It took us two hours and the amazing team spirit got us through.

It was mentally very tough, but a brilliant experience. So brilliant, that we’re set to enter all four events planned for 2017. If you do the four in one year, you can claim the title of ‘alpha wolves’ – and we all liked the sound of that!

We raised a total of £800 for Ronald McDonald House Charities and had a brilliant experience doing it! We even managed to get a shout out for the Charity over the mic to top the day off.

Find out how you can take part in our events to raise vital funds to keep families close: https://www.rmhc.org.uk/get-involved/rmhc-events/

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