“By sparing a little time to volunteer, you can give a lot to others”

“By sparing a little time to volunteer, you can give a lot to others”

Reka volunteers at our Evelina London House for one day a week, helping the fundraising team at the House with a wide range of tasks. Here she tells us what motivated her to volunteer, and what she has gained from the experience. 

Living a busy life in a metropolis like London can make it challenging to find the time to volunteer. That has been my case for several years. I recently moved from Paris to London. In Paris, I used to have a very demanding and high responsibility job in the pharma industry in the events and communications fields. It required a lot of professional duties and travelling even on weekends. And let’s not forget about managing my personal life too at the same time!

However, this year I started a new and more flexible job and I can finally achieve what I always had on my mind, i.e. becoming part of the Ronald McDonald House Charities community as a volunteer! I have been following the Charity’s activity via social media and other channels for a long time and I was impressed by the level of engagement of the teams and volunteers in providing free accommodation for families while their children are treated in hospitals.

Some months ago, I decided to apply for an administration volunteer job at Ronald McDonald House Charities in London.  I help one day per week as a London Fundraising Administrator for the amazing London Fundraising Team at the brand new Evelina House.

From my first day on, Laura, the very friendly and dynamic London community fundraiser, has been following my work closely. She and the whole team welcomed me warmly and I felt like a valued member of the team from day one.

The team always asks me to work on tasks that are convenient to me and which suit their needs. I try to contribute as much as possible and to put my skills and professional knowledge into their service and for the House’s benefit. My regular tasks include researching new community opportunities, working on updating promotion tools, as well as tidying the annual volunteer t-shirt orders or assisting at fundraising events. I am happy to help where I can! At the same time, I can learn a lot about Ronald McDonald House Charities’ fundraising community activities, practices and about all the challenges that the team faces every day.

The most heartwarming moment during my work is when I pass by the families in the building and I know that with my work I am contributing to their comfortable stay at the Evelina House during this very difficult period of their life.

Volunteering one day a week at Ronald McDonald House Charities in London has become part of my weekly schedule. It makes me happy that I made these first steps toward including volunteering activities in my life! It is an incredibly good experience, both personally and professionally, to participate in the fantastic fundraising projects and to feel that my work contributes to the Ronald McDonald House Charities London Team’s fundraising activities and to have a positive impact on the families’ life. Helping others and doing good for the community gives me great pride and satisfaction.

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