Dawson's story

Dawson's story

Mum Rebecca never thought she would need the help of Ronald McDonald House Charities. That all changed however, when her son Dawson was rushed to Evelina London Children's Hospital at just three weeks old. 

Dawson was diagnosed with a heart defect called TAPVD, which meant that he was struggling to get enough oxygenated blood around his body. He underwent corrective surgery the following day. Rebecca said:

“After a long four hours we were told it was successful but he would need to stay on a ventilator to help recovery. The next day we received a call from Ronald McDonald House near Evelina Children’s Hospital to say they had a room for us. We checked in and were shown around and were amazed by the rooms and the facilities, we could see how much work had been put in to providing a 'home away from home’.

After 12 days in hospital, Dawson was well enough to come home and we cannot thank Ronald McDonald House Charities enough for the support we were given.

You never think you will be in the situation where you would need the help of Ronald McDonald House Charities but we were and from the bottom of our hearts we thank you.

I know what work goes into fundraising but it's not until you experience firsthand the other side, and see what help Ronald McDonald House Charities really is to families facing tough times, that you know how important it is!”

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