Name: Jasmine Hind

Job title: House Assistant

When did you start work with Ronald McDonald House Charities UK?: November 2016

My alarm goes off at: 

My alarm goes off at 5am, if I am on an early, or around 9am if I am on a later shift… though I have been known to go back to sleep and give myself a little more snooze time. I absolutely have to have a coffee before I do anything in the morning. I live in Burgess Hill, so I get a train to Brighton which takes around 20 minutes (if the trains are behaving) and then, depending on the weather, I either walk to work from the station or get a bus.

How I got my job..

A few years ago, I got very frustrated with having a mundane job that I would dread waking up for on a daily basis. I wanted to work somewhere where I felt like a part of something special, a job that made me proud of who I am and what I do. I stumbled upon the advertisement to work in Ronald McDonald house Brighton and having worked for McDonald's for a few years as a Crew Trainer and Hospitality Ambassador when I was a teenager, I already knew a lot about the Charity, and I knew then that that was it… that was the job I wanted and what I had been looking for. I don’t think I had ever been so headstrong and determined in an interview before ha-ha.


I will never forget the day my boss Martin called me and told me they had decided to give me the job, he kind of made it sound like they’d gone with someone else at first, and then gave me the good news. He’s cheeky like that. I definitely got what I was looking for, I’ve been here for three years nearly and there hasn’t been a single day I wake up and dread going to work, in fact I’m usually always at least half an hour early. Ha!


My typical day..

So ordinarily, I start my day by doing a cash check and checking my emails. Primarily, my main responsibility is family care, so putting new families in, talking to families staying with us, spending time with them up on the wards that kind of thing.

I get to work with everyone at least once a week, but I’d say the person I see the most is our House Keeper/my best friend, Madge. In fact, the rest of us very often say it doesn’t feel the same when Madge isn’t around and families that stay with us absolutely adore her – rightly so-.

I run the volunteer programme for the House and in 2018 we had over 60 volunteers give up their time to come in and help us achieve tasks to make the House a better place for families.

I also do the Marketing and communications for the House, so I spend a lot of time being very creative which I absolutely LOVE! I do all of the noticeboards in the house and am also in charge of the House Facebook Page and conducting family interviews for blog posts on the RMHC UK Website.

My colleague Suzy and I are in charge of organising House Events, like our Seasonal House Parties. It is so much fun and incredibly rewarding when previous families that have stayed come back to see us. I absolutely love working with Suzy on these events as I think we work so well as a team. We are currently planning a big party for the charities 30th anniversary and we’re already pretty excited about it. Watch-This-Space!

The best part of my job is..

The best part about my job is that no two days are the same. Yes, you have certain tasks and responsibilities that you need to complete, but all the in-between is constantly changing.

 The families that stay with us are my constant motivation. My mum said I’ve been a very maternal person since I was about 8, caring for people and making them feel comfortable is just second nature to me, so the fact I have a job where I am allowed to just be myself as well as explore my ideas and creativity to make families feel even more comfortable is just an incredibly exciting and rewarding thing for me.

My most memorable day/moment at RMHC was..

The first time I was ever invited up to the premature baby unit by a family to meet their 23 week old twins. I had only worked for the charity for about a month, and I didn’t even know it was possible for 23-week old babies to survive. It was memorable for many reasons, but mainly because it really showed me how important our Charity is, watching a mum trying to squeeze every inch of herself into an incubator to be as close to her babies as humanly possible was both the loveliest and saddest thing I have ever seen and the fact that if it weren’t for Ronald McDonald House Charities, they would have to travel over 40 miles a day to and from Kent just to be there.

The family have sent us lots of updates in the last two years and the twins are doing absolutely amazing!

The first thing I do after work to unwind..

The first thing I do when I leave work is put my headphones on, music is my absolute everything and really helps me unwind. I actually went to music university and had my heart set on being a music therapist, but I really can’t see me leaving the Charity to pursue that dream anytime soon, I love it here so much. Other than that, to be honest… I’m a little bit old before my time. I really enjoy the simple things in life, nature, spending time with my friends, having a hot bath, reading oh and cats… I really love cats.

Why Ronald McDonald Houses are important..

I can’t even begin to describe just how important Ronald McDonald Houses are! We keep families together in a safe, homely environment just across the road from the hospital itself, with others who are in similar situations. So not only are families able to get some respite from the hospital and saved the finances and the stress of a commute to and from home, but it’s like one big support network. 

In just the three short years I’ve worked here, we’ve looked after families from Jersey, Somerset, Holland, and France. Even being an hour away is scary enough, but the fact that people can be over here on holiday and suddenly experience a major crisis like having their child in hospital is terrifying. They would have nowhere to stay without spending hundreds on hotels. They’d need to buy new clothes, but we provide washing facilities. They’d have to spend out on takeaways or eating at restaurants, but we provide a kitchen so they are able to cook their own proper meals.

It really is just an absolute lifeline for people when they need it the most.

When I was little I wanted to be..

Gosh, what didn’t I want to be? Popstar, a vet… at one point when I was younger, my life long goal was to buy a campervan so I could drive my mum around in it when she got really old so she’d always be with me and I could look after her. She loves reminding me of that.

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