NAME: Suzy

JOB TITLE: House Assistant

HOUSE: Brighton

START DATE: September 2017

My alarm goes off at…

5.15am if I’m in for an early shift starting at 7am. I usually work the early on a Sunday morning, which makes for a quiet drive into the city as there’s not many cars on the road at that time on a Sunday!

I tend to work late shifts during the week which fits in really well with my lifestyle, as I enjoy going to the gym before work.

How I got my job…

I applied for the job at the Brighton House when I was at a bit of a crossroads in my life: I wasn’t enjoying my university course studying Film and was stuck in a mundane retail job with no progression. When I saw the job listing online, it seemed to tick all my boxes: a varied, interesting job that was genuinely helping people. I still feel so lucky to be working for RMHC UK.

My typical day…

Every day is so different and varied, that’s what I enjoy so much about the job! A typical day consists of taking referrals from the Hospital, inducting families into the House and providing family care: supporting volunteer groups or regular House events like Waffle Wednesday. Because my responsibilities are so varied I could be doing anything from planning a House party, like our Christmas or Summer parties to even attending a Fresher’s Fair with Jazz recruiting student volunteers. It can be really exciting.

Working with such a small team in the cosy Brighton House means we all have to work really well together, but I mainly work with Jazz, the other House Assistant here at Brighton.

The best part of my job is…

The families and the team!

It is really rewarding when you see the families grow and get into routine in the House, especially when they make friends with each other and can talk about what they’re going through with someone who understands.


The day of the Summer party was a really special day for me, seeing months of work falling into place and all the families coming back to see each other was so cool! It was really busy and it was a lovely hot day in Brighton. We even had some families from seven years ago coming to the party to meet up with other, and it was really important for our current families to see a life after Hospital, and the lifelong friendships that could be made.

Another particularly memorable day was Mothering Sunday, when Jazz and I were in charge of cooking a roast for all the families (I’m definitely not a natural cook but it paid off in the end!)

The first thing I do after work to unwind…

I enjoy going to the gym, going out in Brighton with my friends to concerts and nights out, and travelling as much as possible. Last year I was lucky enough to travel to Prague, Cyprus, Berlin and Amsterdam and would love to see more of Europe this year.


Ronald McDonald Houses are so important and support families by restoring some routine and normalcy in what can be the most unpredictable and volatile situation they can be in. The House is so much more than just a roof over their heads and a bed to sleep in, the House is that important escape from the ward that helps families look after their own health as well as their child in Hospital.

When I was little, I wanted to be a…

When I was very little I wanted to be an ice-skater or ballerina but quickly realised I was way too tall and clumsy.

I play the saxophone, and I used to want to be in a band or be a session musician. 

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