Family find a friend in Ronald McDonald House Camberwell

Family find a friend in Ronald McDonald House Camberwell

When parents Andy and Christine welcomed their new born baby Charlie into the world on 10 October 2008, they never expected there would be complications.  However, in a matter of hours, their little boy’s condition was diagnosed as critical - he had two life-threatening illnesses – a tracheo-oesophageal fistula and oesophageal atresia.

The complex nature of Charlie’s condition meant that without surgery, stomach acid would pass into his lungs and he would have severe difficulty breathing.

When the news broke, the little boy was quickly rushed to King’s College Hospital to have his first operation. As if the worries of Charlie’s operation were not enough, Andy and Christine had to spend the next two nights sleeping in the hospital waiting room, so desperate they were to stay close to their little boy.

Fortunately, after some very long, sleepless nights, they were put in contact with Ronald McDonald House Camberwell who offered the young couple a place to sleep, which would end up being their home for three months. Being so close to the Hospital meant they could stay near to Charlie’s bed side and also have their other three children stay with them.

Since then, Charlie continues to undergo treatment and surgery at King’s College Hospital. Ronald McDonald House Camberwell has continued to support the family during this difficult time. Andy says, “It goes without saying we would have been lost without the House and the care of all at the House."

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