Fun-Filled October at Manchester House

Fun-Filled October at Manchester House

Blogger: Joe Taylor

This October, we were lucky to have not one, not two, but three fantastic groups visit our families staying at Ronald McDonald House Manchester. We’re always so delighted when companies and organisations can volunteer their time to provide families with some much needed quality time away from the hustle and bustle of the hospital.

First up was a return visit from Oli Dunn, master chocolatier! Oli very kindly donated his time to host a chocolate party for the children staying with us. The kids had a blast making their own chocolate lollipops using moulds and piped icing. It was messy work, but someone had to do it!

Oli is the owner of Oliver’s Chocolate Parties and a continued supporter of Ronald McDonald House Manchester. We can’t thank him enough, and he’s definitely got some fans in the House! “It was a really enjoyable and fun party,” said one of the mums, “next time, please bring boxes of chocolate that I can buy!”

The Wild Roadshow visited us in January and we were thrilled to have them back. Thrilled, and a little frightened! Creepy crawlies took over the House as animal handler Shirley introduced our families to Rio the snake, Rosie the tarantula, Millie the giant millipede, and lots more. Surprisingly, the kids didn’t even flinch. Everyone was delighted to learn all about the reptiles and insects on show.

Theo was particularly excited as he once owned his very own chameleon and couldn’t wait to meet Rio and his pals! Even our Housekeeper Kellie handled Rio and finally faced her fears of snakes. “My daughter’s going to be so proud,” she said “I can’t wait to show her the photos.”

The Wild Roadshow is a big supporter of the House and they’re always happy to entertain and educate our families about exotic animals. A huge thanks for all their support!

Last but certainly not least, we welcomed The Challenge to the House who organised a spook-tacular Halloween party! The group of young volunteers support the community across Manchester and went all out to make sure the children at Ronald McDonald House Manchester had a fun-filled day. There were party games, disco dancing, balloon modelling, and so much food. Our very own House Assistant Nikki was also on hand to show off her face painting skills.

The Challenge have previously entertained our families with sports days, arts and crafts, and now a fantastic party. We feel a little spoilt but can’t wait to see what they do next!

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