“Grateful for the chance to experience Christmas with both our children”

“Grateful for the chance to experience Christmas with both our children”

Guest blog: Charmaine (Mum)

With our daughter seriously ill, spending Christmas Day and New Year on life support, the most important thing to us was being with her and when we couldn't be with her knowing that we were close by. Staying in the Guys and St Thomas Ronald McDonald house made this possible. Being in the house over the Christmas period enabled us to spend Christmas day with our daughter.

When the time came for us to leave the hospital we knew we had the safe haven of the house to retire to; we were drained emotionally and physically. Although we felt extremely sad and not like celebrating, we felt truly blessed to arrive back at the House on one of the most important days of the year and to be greeted by the staff and other parents who had now become friends, with a lovely Christmas dinner, a friendly word, a smile and a hug.

There was a table of gifts for the children and we were given a dear little teddy bear for our two week old newborn who was with us. The house had been decorated and there was festive music playing; we cuddled our newborn showing him the bright lights and pretty colourful decorations. As he took in the sights, sounds and smells of Christmas, we felt truly grateful that although many miles from home we had still had the chance to experience Christmas with both our children. If it wasn't for the house Christmas Day would have been a long day spent driving to the hospital, no doubt sitting in traffic and no doubt not being able to relax and spend lots of time together. Thankfully, because of the Guys’ and St Thomas’ house, we were able to.

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