"Having that opportunity to give something back...made me feel invigorated"

Hayley Burt, Volunteer

Hayley organises groups of volunteers at her workplace to take part in activities and help out at events at Ronald McDonald Houses in London. Here, she explains what she and her colleagues have gained from the volunteering experience.


I took on leading our CSR activity at my company last year. Our aim was to work with a variety of charities and Ronald McDonald House Charities was one put forward for selection. When we ran through all of the amazing charities and what they do, Ronald McDonald House Charities immediately stood out as something we would like to support as a company. What the Charity does for all of those families who have children who are extremely unwell is just phenomenal. 

I reached out to the team at Ronald McDonald House Charities and was instantly blown away by the passion, organisation, communication and friendliness of the team (Kate in particular!). Before we knew it we had a programme of volunteering projects organised for 2016 for my colleagues to sign up for. These projects took place at three of the Houses in London and varied in activities and outputs. From start to finish these projects ran like clockwork. I attended the majority of these days and what I took away from them was priceless.  Carrying out tasks such as redecorating, gardening, baking, to name just a few, were not only great fun and good team building, but you could really see how Ronald McDonald House Charities were benefiting from the help we were giving them. It put the worry of taking the time out of the office into perspective to say the least! Having that opportunity to give something back and help out such a fantastic charity made me feel invigorated.

After each day I have attended the team have felt so energised and the feedback has been extremely positive. As a result of this, we have seen volunteering numbers go up significantly as word spreads amongst the office. After discussing my work with the Charity with family and friends and sharing on social media, I realised that Ronald McDonald House Charities had actually helped not only friends of mine but also members of my own family in the past. This has only spurred me on to support this charity even more.

Our aim at the beginning of 2016 was to work with fewer charities and try to make more of a difference. After such a successful year volunteering with Ronald McDonald House Charities last year we have now finalised a programme of seven volunteering project days for 2017. We kicked off with the Lambeth Palace Open Day on 7th April where a team assisted with the refreshments stall at the annual fundraising event. 

I cannot thank Ronald McDonald House Charities enough for all of their support in arranging these corporate volunteering days and look forward to a long successful relationship for years to come. 

If you are interested in volunteering, you can find more information here.

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