I have my own reasons for raising money

I have my own reasons for raising money


I have my own reasons for raising money for the Birmingham House. My grandson Daniel, was born with an illness called Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID). This meant that without a bone marrow transplant, he could die before he reached school age from something as simple as just a cold.

With the help of Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital, in London, he had his transplant with his younger brother Nathan (20 months at the time) as the donor. Dan is now a happy, healthy teenager, we were lucky! We will always be grateful for the hospital treatment and the dedication of the staff. The treatment and hospital fees were paid for by the NHS, something that all of us contribute towards.

Something we didn’t have to pay for was the six month stay that our family had in a house, in both Birmingham and London. I can’t tell you how important this was to us, to be at your child’s bed side in a crisis or contact their ward/room at the touch of a button. Getting to meet and talk to other parent’s in the same situation and to be able support each other. To have somewhere just to go for a little ‘ME’ time, even if only for a few minutes. Having somewhere to sleep at night, knowing you are literally two minutes away, if needed. Not having to sleep in the car, by your child’s bed or pay for a hotel, every night, at a time when income is reduced. The situation would have been almost unbearable, without the help of a charity house, like the Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham.

Now you see why Ronald McDonald House Birmingham means so much to me, why I fundraise voluntarily, why I am so grateful for the support of my small fundraising team and why we sponsor our room!

Bernie Rogers

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