“I wanted to give a little back to the NHS after Daniel's life was saved."

“I wanted to give a little back to the NHS after Daniel's life was saved.

Life changed for the Parsons family when their son Daniel was born on 31 March 2015 in Gillingham. He was born without complications, and they headed home the day after to start their lives together as a new family.

However, the morning after that first night, Daniel went blue in the face and stopped breathing for a terrifying minute. In the ambulance ride, he went blue again, but luckily the ambulance crew were able to save him.

After being admitted to hospital, one evening Daniel had yet another serious episode which resulted in a crash team resuscitating him. Tim and his wife were incredibly emotional, but they felt blessed to have Reverend Stephen Greasley at their side, along with Tim’s own father.

At this critical point, it was decided that Daniel would need to be transferred to Evelina London Children’s Hospital in London – over 30 miles from home.


“The care in the hospital was outstanding,” said Tim. “However, I was getting anxious as it was clear we would need to stay for a period of time, and finding accommodation would be quite expensive in central London.”

"Luckily, we were given a room by Ronald McDonald House Charities in their original Guy’s and St Thomas’ House. It was as close to a home as you could have during these times.”

“It was an incredibly difficult time whilst Daniel was seriously ill, but my thanks goes to the excellent care in the hospital, our friends and family and Ronald McDonald House Charities for keeping us close.”

In 2019, the Parsons family is doing better than ever. Daniel has developed into a healthy four-year-old and their eldest son William turns nine later this month. Just five years old while his little brother was in hospital, William coped incredibly well during this time.

The situation has changed the family’s lives. After seeing the incredible job the NHS did for his son, Tim has worked as a voluntary Chaplain to South East Coast Ambulance Service since 2015.


“I wanted to give a little back to the NHS after Daniel's life was saved. I’m often out on long hour shifts with the various crews.

“I’ve also written two children’s books based on real-life calls that I’ve attended which have been published and are available online. I hope that these books help children understand how the NHS works for them.

“We shall always be very grateful to Ronald McDonald House Charities for their support to us as a family in 2015.”

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