Keeping siblings close

Keeping siblings close

The Grimwade family have been staying at the Manchester House whilst five year old Riley receives treatment at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. Having this ‘home away from home’ accommodation has allowed not only Riley’s parents Kelly and Ellis to stay close by but has also meant that his four siblings, McKenzie (10), Kaitlin (8), Ellie May (7) and Scarlett (2), can be near to Riley, and have that important bonding time that they need.

During their stay at the House the family have had chance to enjoy family time together, including creating special memories and celebrating birthdays. Kaitlin and Riley have both celebrated birthdays since they arrived and Ellie May will soon be turning 8. It also means they can spend time with Riley while he is in hospital, all four of them love to sit on Riley’s bed and read stories to him; he loves noisy books!

McKenzie, Kaitlyn, Ellie May and Scarlett kindly shared what the House means to them:

“Having Riley in hospital is scary and upsetting - he has been in hospital for 9 weeks as he has breathing problems.

Staying in the House is good because there is always lots to do and we are close to Riley. Our favourite part of being in the House is meeting new friends and there are lots of things to play with.

There is a play area and a games room and there are nice things to do like arts and crafts and have waffles!!

We come every weekend and stay during school holidays and we go to dance class on a Sunday morning.”

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