Luke, our son, our superhero, our world

Luke, our son, our superhero, our world

Guest Blogger: Kelly Unsworth

A year ago on the 19th September 2015 our two year old son, Luke, was admitted to Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth. After various scans and x-rays, doctors were still unsure of what was causing his stomach to swell and constantly being sick.

Three days later, we were transferred to Southampton Children's Hospital to be met by a wonderful team and within an hour Luke was in the operating theatre. This revealed that he had suffered a burst appendix with severe infection.

After the operation, Luke was still very poorly and a line had to be fitted to take blood. They eventually had no other choice but to operate again, and found huge pockets of infection as well as a blockage in his intestine. Luke also became anaemic and had to have a blood transfusion.

Our world had been turned upside down seeing our brave boy so poorly. Ronald McDonald House Southampton was simply amazing. It meant my husband could stay with us for the three weeks, so we were able to stay as a family. The facilities at the House are fantastic. When Luke could be disconnected from the machines we could use the lounge with lots of great toys. The kitchen was huge with lots of storage. After sleeping on a camp bed on the ward for nearly a month it was refreshing to have a hot shower.

Now our son is so much better, still on some medication but a typical crazy three year old!

I now give blood and wanted to help out other families who might need Ronald McDonald House Charities, so I organised a psychic evening with a raffle at our local tea room. With everyone’s generosity and my company donating we raised £1,021, which can accommodate another family for 41 nights.

Ronald McDonald House Charities is such an amazing charity that we had never heard of until Luke became ill. From the bottom of our hearts thank you to the team at the hospital and Ronald McDonald House Southampton.

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