'Sunset' poem

'Sunset' poem

This poem was written by Margaret Buhagiar in memory of her son Stuart James Lipscombe who sadly died at 10 months old with Prader-Willi syndrome. Margaret is a supporter of the Charity and wished to share this lovely poem to help raise awareness and give comfort to the families that we support. 


Sunset was my angel, sunset was my joy, 

Sunset was my sweetheart, my darling little boy. 


His hair was golden as the corn,

His eyes were blue as shimmering seas, 

His skin was soft as peaches,

His smile was love to please. 


How I cherished every morning it came and went so quick,

How the days of Summer passed, I bathed him in the sink,

He loved his bath and splashed about and enjoyed it very much,

Little Stuart James has a very tender touch. 


When I held him close to me and felt his little heart, 

Little did I know we would soon be apart. 


The warm little body with tiny little feet,

His hands so immaculate and fingers were petite. 


Oh Stuart how I yearn for your little sweet smile, 

I have never known a baby with such a special style. 


Yes you were my "Sunset" you were the corn,

You were my harvest the day you were born. 


Dedicated to Stuart James Lipscombe, who died on 27 December 1983 age 10 months. 

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