The Courageous Minter Family

The Courageous Minter Family

The Minter family have been staying at our Camberwell House for over a year. Parents Roy and Tina arrived on 21 April 2016, shortly after their baby Troy’s birth and transfer to King's College Hospital.

Born via c-section at just 24 weeks gestation, Troy had a challenging start. He suffered from breathing difficulties, made worse by his contracting pneumonia, which left him with chronic lung disease. In addition, he suffered from a severe bout of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), where part of his intestine died. This required surgical removal, meaning he had to undergo two operations just two days apart and lose over 100 millimetres of intestine. Tragically, just two weeks later, Troy suffered from further NEC infection, losing even more intestine.

As a result of these trips to the operating theatre, Troy was fitted with special stoma bags that temporarily diverted everything away from his healing intestine. During the months that followed, he endured two further operations to ensure these were setup properly. Once these pressing issues had been seen to, the little hero then underwent laser eye surgery.

Despite caring for their very sick little boy through various challenges, Troy’s lovely mum and dad have been committed members of the Camberwell House, taking part in many family events, like the summer BBQ, jungle dinner and Christmas Day festivities.

Caring for and supporting Troy has been a long, demanding journey for the Minter family, but also one filled with achievements and moments of happiness. Receiving the gift of clear sight allowed Troy to fully experience his first Christmas, which brought his parents much joy. Having been tube fed for most of his young life, Troy is now learning to eat, with much help and patience from mum. Having contracted chronic lung disease, something often associated with such extreme prematurity, doctors hope that for Troy, this may affect him less and less as he grows older, which would be wonderful.

Recently, Troy celebrated his first birthday at the House. Staff and volunteers joined the family in celebrating the occasion, supplying cake, gifts, balloons and most importantly, lots of love.

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