The Wonderful Women of Camberwell

The Wonderful Women of Camberwell

Guest blogger: Maddi Jatter, Assistant House Manager

We have a lovely House in Camberwell and are so very fortunate to have a fabulous housekeeping team; Maureen and Alexander maintain our home from home with dedication, love, and care.

Both these wonderful ladies really love their jobs and this feeling radiates out into the House. Whether it’s preparing a bedroom for a new family, cleaning and organising the toys in the dining room or keeping on top of the mountains laundry, to name just a few of the jobs they regularly undertake, these two ladies bring dedication, joy and warmth to the House.

Apart from keeping house, they also care for our families in many different, wonderful ways. Each of these lovely ladies has their own personal store of memories of special moments with families, such as: playing with Adin and Liam in the garden, who stayed with us for 293 days while their brother Lewis was in hospital; decorating our Christmas trees with one of our long term dads, Neil; and volunteering to help run a Christmas stall near Tower Bridge, donated by Maureen’s son Danny.

From sharing jokes and cooking tips with Roy and Tina, who have been with us this past year while their son Troy who remains an inpatient, to supporting many, many families going through a hard time with cups of tea and cuddles, these wonderful ladies bring something special to the House and we are so lucky to have them.

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