Baby Honey's Sweet Support

Baby Honey's Sweet Support

When Stacey Bisson’s daughter Honey was diagnosed prenatally with Incomplete Shone’s Syndrome at 32 weeks pregnant, it was beyond a shock. The condition meant that one side of her baby girl’s heart had not developed properly and that she would most likely need delicate open heart surgery when she was born.

Baby Honey was born on 22 September 2011 at the Birmingham Women’s Hospital and two days later, she was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, by which point Stacey had been discharged.

Honey was critical and the family were anxious to be as close to their baby daughter as they possibly could be. Thankfully, on the day that Honey had her surgery, the family’s cardiac liaison officer let them know about the Ronald McDonald House – located a five minutes’ walk from the hospital which would enable the parents to be with Honey almost instantly.

Mum Stacey from Bromsgrove, Worcester says, “We stayed at the Ronald McDonald House for three weeks. At the time, my husband Daniel and I had three other children all under the age of 10 and we wondered how we would cope. The Ronald McDonald House meant that we could all stay together and be strong for Honey. There was a phone in our bedroom connected to her ward which meant we could be with her in less than ten minutes if there was a problem.”

After her life-saving operation just after she was born, Honey has had no further surgeries. She has just turned three and is a happy and intelligent little girl. 

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