Family’s Incredible Support

Family’s Incredible Support

Sultan and Hakan were extremely grateful when they heard they were having twins and up until the birth, they were doing everything they could to ensure Sultan would have a natural birth at King’s College Hospital. The Hassans’ beautiful girls Kayla and Dilara were the couple’s first set of children and whilst the birth was 26 hours long, and “painful and exhausting”, they say the staff at King’s and their family were of great support throughout the birth.

Once Sultan had given birth, her two girls were whisked away. Dilara was taken to the Special Care Unit for some checks. Sultan assumed it was a routine check but then found out that she had low sugar levels and couldn’t leave hospital.

The Hassans were devastated; they couldn’t quite understand what her illness was and “cried constantly” as they were so worried about her. As a result of this, Sultan’s breast milk slowed down which was an essential part of Dilara’s getting better. Then, Sultan was informed a couple of days later that she had to leave the hospital. The couple were so upset at the thought they’d have to leave with just one of their girls.

Thankfully, Ronald McDonald House Camberwell came to the rescue. The pair say it would have been so hard for them to be able to travel to hospital every day, for Sultan to express milk for both her girls and be at two places at one time. The House team offered the Hassans a room in the House just minutes from the Hospital.



Sultan says “The Charity was remarkable, accommodated me immediately and didn’t want a penny in return for their service. I couldn’t believe how quickly the process was and how at ease my husband and I felt.

Thankfully, Dilara only stayed in Special Care for two weeks and whilst my memories are painful of her being ill, I have also had the opportunity to make wonderful friends that I still keep in touch with. Being able to share experiences with people is lovely, but sharing your heartache with others that are so willing to listen and help you is very rare.”

Dilara is now fighting fit and a happy little toddler. 


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