Forever a Special Place in their Hearts

Forever a Special Place in their Hearts

The long journey for Niovi, Sotiris and baby Andreas started on 23 February last year in Cyprus.

At a regular appointment at 33 weeks pregnant, a doctor found fluid around their baby's lungs. The next few days for them were “crazy” and two days after that appointment, the family found themselves in London so baby Andreas could have a procedure at King's College Hospital.

Thankfully, the procedure went to plan but as the family were ready to go back to Cyprus, Niovi went into labour and Andreas was born before they had even made it to the airport! After he was born, he was immediately transferred to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at King’s College Hospital. Unfortunately, the fluid had re-appeared and little Andreas fought desperately for his life over the next few weeks.  

Nurses on the NICU informed the family of Ronald McDonald House Camberwell the very first night and luckily, there was a room available.

The family were able to go to the House a few days later and were so impressed by the proximity to the hospital, which meant that they could be with Andreas in a matter of minutes if he needed them.

Niovi says, “We felt loved and safe even though we were alone in London. If it wasn't for the House, we would have been in a really difficult situation. We are forever grateful for everything, especially to the House team. They have a very special place in our hearts.”

After two and a half months, the family received the good news that they were able to go home to Cyprus. Mum and Dad Niovi and Sotiris are now happily settled in back home and hope visit the Camberwell team with baby Andreas in the near future!

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