Keeping Amy’s Family Together

Keeping Amy’s Family Together

On 13 April, the family of 14 year old Amy Williams from Staines, Middlesex, came to stay at Ronald McDonald House Tooting. A week earlier, Amy had collapsed at home, suffering from an undetected brain tumour. She was rushed to St George’s Hospital and operated on to remove a mass the size of a tennis ball. She was given less than a 1% chance of survival with severe brain damage predicted.

However, in the 12 weeks since being admitted, Amy has fought daily and defied the odds on all fronts. From breathing to movement, speaking to memory, she is continuing to improve beyond all expectations.

Amy has a strong relationship with her family and as such, keeping them together and close by has been absolutely integral to her wellbeing. Mum Clare, husband Keane, dad Mark, sister Milly and brother Jack have all stayed with at the House since day one, using it as their base whilst the team offer support and comfort to bring their Amy through.

On top of the stresses of having a child seriously ill in hospital and two other children under four, Clare has fundraised relentlessly for the Tooting House, involving her friends and family to secure financial donations, raffle prizes, services and products. They even organised a free Sunday roast dinner for all the families to enjoy together.

In the not so distant future, Amy will be transferred to Tadworth House in Surrey (a specialist Neurological rehabilitation unit), to further aid her physical and mental recovery.

From everyone at ‘The House that Love Built’, we wish them all the best for the future.

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