Partnership with Hospitals

The relationships we foster with partnered children's hospitals ensure that our Houses are the best possible fit for the needs of families.

We work closely with our partners, meeting with senior clinicians to ascertain exactly what is needed and, more importantly, how we can make it happen. Our partners support us in our decisions regarding everything from House location to final fitting of specialist equipment; we are sure to make use of their deep understanding of the hospital and the services on offer.  

From this vantage point of understanding we get to work, going through the processes of organising funding, architectural design, planning and building in as expedient a manner as possible – to ensure we are helping families as soon as we can. 

From the day we open the doors of a new Ronald McDonald House we are in continuous contact with all relevant wards, ensuring that the families most in need of our support are made aware that we are there to help.  

In short we could not do what we do without the wonderful relationship we enjoy with each and every one of our partnered hospitals.


Applying for a Ronald McDonald House:

We receive a substantial amount of requests from hospitals regarding the building of a Ronald McDonald House on their site, and we consider each case on its merits. With each House costing anywhere from £2.5 million to £10m to construct, along with the commitment to the ongoing running costs, we must prioritise hospitals based on need. We prioritise hospitals based on many factors such as the number of specialist children’s services provided and if there is a neo-natal intensive care unit, a major trauma centre and/or a paediatric intensive care unit.

If you think we may be able to help you, please submit the form below for our consideration.

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